Why I Switched to White House Custom Color

Since moving back to Michigan in 2013 after graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography I’ve experiment with offering a wide variety of prints and products from various labs. I had been using primarily one lab but as time went on I continued to have more and more problems with their ordering software. It eventually got to the point where I could only order some of their products. At that point I started trying other print labs. I used several which had decent turn around time and good print quality, but White House Custom Color ended up being a cut above all of the aforementioned labs. The print quality and turn around time were great and consistent. When dealing with there customer service when I had some issues ordering they were always polite and solved my issues promptly. They also offer beautiful custom packaging and different print options than my formal primary lab. They support a ton of great charities including Flashes of Hope and Help Portrait which I have been part of in the past. I would highly recommend White House Custom Color to fellow professional photographers. 

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Recommended Print Labs

The following list contains print labs I use and recommend. 

White House Custom Color. White House Custom Color is my primary print lab. I use them for standard lustre prints, metal prints, canvas prints, and phone cases. They have quick turn around times and amazing customer service. They also support a ton of great charities like Flashes of Hope an Help Portrait

Basic Invite. I started partnering with Basic Invite in late 2016 to offer clients a wide variety of cards and stationary. They provide beautiful cards that are super easy to design. Ryan Watkins Photography clients get a 20% discount on all Basic Invite products. 

Moo. Moo has been my go to print lab for business cards for years. Any other business card printer has paled in comparison to their quality. 

Woodsnap. I first heard about Woodsnap at the Photo Plus Expo in New York City in 2012. They offer amazing high quality prints on wood. 

Blurb. Blurb is a great resource for creating soft cover or hard cover books as well as self publishing an e-book. It is incredibly easy to drag and drop images into their online book creator. They also let you sell the books you create online. 

Smugmug. Smugmug is a great resource for those interested in selling prints or stock photography online. There easy to use galleries allow you to upload images and have clients order prints through the print lab of your choosing, I use White House Custom Color. 

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Clare Irish Festival 2017

I had an amazing time photographing the 2017 Clare Irish Festival! Here are some of my favorite images from earlier today. Huge thanks to those who followed my Instagram stories and iPhone captures to see the festivities live. 

Where to Buy Picture Frames

Printed canvas or standard prints always look their best when professionally framed. Here at Ryan Watkins Photography I specialize in photography and leave framing up to the professionals. Two local stores I recommend to clients for having their custom framing done at are Frames Unlimited in Mt Pleasant, Michigan and Arnie’s Arts and Crafts in Houghton Lake, Michigan. I have had nothing but excellent service from both of these stores and would highly recommend either. For an even larger selection of picture frames pictureframes.com offers a wide variety of gorgeous frames which can be shipped to your home. These frames come with simple instructions for how to insert your images into the frame. 

Product Overview: Digital Files

This is the second of several new blog posts explaining the various products available from Ryan Watkins Photography. 

I now offer digital files from your wedding or portrait session on a thumb drive!

I grant clients web and print rights to the images from their session. Even though I grant clients print rights I do encourage clients to let me take care of printing to ensure optimum print quality.

I make sure any image given to a client meets my approval, because of this I do basic retouching on all of the images put on the thumb drive. I also give most, but not all, of the images from the session or wedding to you. Unflattering images including things like blinks, sneezes, test shots, or people walking in front of the camera will not be included on the thumb drive.

These files are available for purchase on a thumb drive and cost $50.