About Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins – Photographer/Retoucher/Owner

I’m a portrait and wedding photographer catering to Clare, Midland, and Mt Pleasant, Michigan. I travel all over the state for weddings and portrait sessions.

I grew up outside of the small town of Clare, Michigan where I started to love photography. Near the beginning of high school I started photographing wildlife and nature near my home out in the woods. While I was in high school my work was published in several magazines including Shutterbug, Digital Photo, Outdoor Photographer, PDNedu, and Audubon.

In August 2012 I moved to the small town of Greenfield, Massachusetts and started my studies at Hallmark Institute of Photography. I studied under renowned celebrity portrait photographer Gregory Heisler, fashion photographer David Turner, and several other distinguished professors. The main emphasis for my final portfolio was portrait photography. I graduated with the Highest Academic Honor for having the highest overall grades in my graduating class.

After graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography I moved back to Clare, Michigan where I have ran my photography business full time since July 2013.

I was voted “most chill” by my peers at Hallmark Institute of Photography. I spend my free time reading, listening to podcasts, listening to progressive rock, and trying new craft beers. I am a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. I am also a member of the Clare Area Jaycees. Lastly I am also the creator and admin of the Michigan Photography Network Facebook group a resource for networking with local photographers and learning about photography.