John and Valerie Carter Wedding in Centralia, Washington

I had a great time photographing John and Valerie Carter’s wedding in Centralia, Washington! John and I had went to church together at Christ Covenant Church in Midland, Michigan before he moved for work. I was very excited to hear that John and Valerie where interested in having me photograph their wedding in Washington. Since high school I had wanted to do a road trip across the US. Their wedding game me an excuse to finally go thru with it. Huge thanks to John and Valerie for having me come out to Washington for their wedding and all the people who helped make their day a success!

More images from John and Valerie’s wedding can be seen here

Matthew and Gabriela Engagement Session in Clare, Michigan

I had a great time photographing Matthew and Gabriela’s engagement session shortly after returning home from Washington State in late May. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in 2020!

Adam and Cassedy Littlefield Engagement Session

I had a great time getting to photograph Adam and Cassedy Littlefield’s engagement session at the beautiful Crooked River Weddings in Gladwin, Michigan.

New Work with Model Hayley in Mt Pleasant, Michigan

I had great time getting to work with model Hayley at Nelson Park in Mt Pleasant, Michigan. Hayley wanted to do a shoot with Harry Davidson motorcycles in honor of her grandma who loved bikes. After the bike shots, we head to the trails next to Nelson Park in Mt Pleasant for some images near the water. Lastly we did some shots after sunset against abandoned buildings with graffiti. Huge thanks to Kathy and Bob for letting us borrow their motorcycles. Also to Patricia Hildebrandt for getting me in contact with Kathy and Bob. Lastly huge thanks to Hayley for modeling and Dallas and Dan for assisting. She has been modeling for less than a year and did an amazing job! I can’t wait to work with her again.

New Work with Chase Engel and the Night Shift

I had a great time working with Chase from Chase Engel and the Night Shift again! This time the photos will be used when they release their first single.

New Personal Work with Model Felisha in Mt Pleasant, Michigan

In 2019 I’ve been making a point of working with new models in new locations. For my latest personal work shoot I had the privilege of working with Felisha from Mt Pleasant. We started the shoot on the trails next to Nelson Park and then headed to downtown. Most images where shot with natural light but a few were taken with my Alienbee strobe with a bare bulb as well. Huge thanks to Felisha for modeling. I can’t wait to work with her again!

New Personal Work with Model Kristina at The Tridge in Midland, Michigan

I had a great time photographing model Kristina at The Tridge in Midland, Michigan last week. Kristina is a fellow photographer and distant cousin of mine. Her boyfriend Jeremy also tagged along and was super helpful with making sure my flash won’t fall over despite the high winds.

The first image was shot using my Alienbee with a white shoot thru umbrella. The high winds made this shot difficult to get but with Jeremy’s help we were able to stabilize the light and get the image.

The next images were shot on the Tridge itself once there were less people walking. For some of these images I had Jeremy hold a Yongnuo flash as a subtle fill light and for others I used natural light.

Next we did a shot in the same location as the first image but this time with hard light from the bare bulb Yongnuo instead of the soft umbrellaed Alienbee.

Lastly we headed to downtown Midland and did some images in front of the court house. These images were shot with natural light.

Huge thanks to Kristina for modeling and Jeremy for assisting.

Kristen Garder Senior Portrait in Midland and Clare Michigan

I had a great time photographing Kristen’s senior portraits last week! We started the shoot at Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan. Dow Gardens is one of my most frequented locations offering a wide variety of scenery to shoot with. Kristen did multiple cloth changes and bought some props like her flag from color guard to make the shoot more personal to her. She had her sister, and my longtime friend, Ashley join her in a few photos as well. After shooting at Dow Gardens we went back to Clare for a few images with her dog.

New Personal Work with Model Rocio in Gladwin, Michigan

During 2019 I’ve been making a point of doing shoots in less photographed places. For this shoot with long time friend Rocio we headed to downtown Gladwin, Michigan. All images were taken with natural light and an 85mm f/1.8 Lens.