FAQ: When Are You Available for Sessions?



I am currently available any day excluding Sunday for sessions. I prefer to do sessions in the evening due to the better lighting. I have done sessions at night for clients who couldn’t make it for the traditional session times as well. I advise against doing sessions mid day because the lighting isn’t as good. Friday and Saturday evenings are my most popular times for sessions. 

FAQ: When Do I Get to See the Images from My Session?



You will be able to view the images from your session within a week of your session. This turnaround time is also the same for weddings and other shoots unless otherwise stated. These images will be retouched and send to you via a private online gallery. The gallery is only visible to the client and I or anyone the client wishes to share the link with. This private gallery makes sharing images to social media easy as well. Prints and other products can be purchased via the online gallery. Clients are also free to download these images and make their own prints as well.


FAQ: Can I Print Images from My Session?


Yes. I now allow clients to print their own photos from sessions for no extra charge. Clients can also get a wide variety of prints and products from Ryan Watkins Photography as well for an additional fee. My complete list of products can be found here. My complete list of session prices can be found here. If any print or product ordered thru Ryan Watkins Photography gets damaged or broken it will be replaced for no additional fee.