FAQ: What Should I Wear to My Session?


Wardrobe wise I advise against really loud colors, logos, or anything that will draw attention to your clothing instead of your face. Ultimately a good portrait draws the viewer’s attention to the subjects face not their clothing, body, etc.  It is always best to bring a variety of clothing as well. Bringing a combination of lights and darks as well as formal and casual is recommended as well. For children (or potentially even pets) doing less clothing changes is optimum because they have a shorter attention span. For couples, engagements, or families having the clothing be similar in color (but not exactly the same) looks best. For example wearing all cooler colored clothing (blues, purples, etc) or all warm colored clothing (yellows, oranges, reds, etc) will look great. Bringing clothing (or other props) related to your interests can be a great way to make your portrait session more personal. Also make sure the clothing is clean, matches, and fits well. If you are dressing formally make sure your shoes match the rest of your attire. Bringing something you don’t mind getting dirty is also recommended so we can do shots on the ground, in water, etc. Also make sure you bring a wardrobe that is fitting for the location you want to be photographed in. For example casual clothing looks better in rural country locations and formal attire looks better in urban. The specifics of the wardrobe are something we will discuss more in depth during the pre-session consultation.

FAQ: What If I Want to Order More Prints In A Few Months, Years, etc?


I keep multiple backups of all my clients photos. If you want to order prints or products in the future I will still have the images and will be able to get prints and products to you. My price list may change overtime and depending on what updates the print labs I use make I can’t guarantee the exact products I currently offer will be available in the future, but I should be able to get similar things made.

FAQ: What if it Rains?


I have shot several portrait sessions and weddings in the rain. Usually for portrait sessions the clients choose to reschedule which I recommend when possible. There is not extra fee for rescheduling. I have also had clients who didn’t mind being out in the rain and we have continued the shoot. If it rains we can either reschedule the session or continue shooting. It is up to the client.

FAQ: What if My Print or Product Gets Damaged or Broken?


I will replace any print or product ordered thru Ryan Watkins Photography that gets damaged free of charge . Because the print labs I use update their products periodically I can’t guarantee that some specialty products will be exactly the same. For example the backing on the metal prints I offer has changed over time. These updates have actually made hanging the prints easier. If a client had ordered one of these prints from me in 2013 and then ordered a replacement in 2018 there would be slight changes made to the backing. So far none of my clients have had their prints get damaged or broken and had to order reprints.


FAQ: Will You Travel To The Location Of My Choosing?


Yes. I primarily shoot portrait sessions in Clare, Mt Pleasant, and Midland but am more than willing to travel for sessions and weddings. I have done several sessions in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and other locations around Michigan. In most cases the travel will not increase the cost of the session unless the location is incredibly far away from my hometown of Clare. If you have any questions about having me photograph your destination wedding or session contact me here.

FAQ: What If I Can’t Meet in Person for My Pre-Session Consultation?


When it is possible I prefer to meet in person for the pre-session consultation. If you can’t meet in person we can conduct the consultation over Skype, Facetime, or phone call. Due to the slight delay I get when conducting Skype or Facetime calls I usually prefer phone calls so the conversations sound more natural. If you have further questions about setting up a pre-session consultation feel free to contact me here.

FAQ: When Are You Available for Sessions?



I am currently available any day excluding Sunday for sessions. I prefer to do sessions in the evening due to the better lighting. I have done sessions at night for clients who couldn’t make it for the traditional session times as well. I advise against doing sessions mid day because the lighting isn’t as good. Friday and Saturday evenings are my most popular times for sessions. 

FAQ: When Do I Get to See the Images from My Session?



You will be able to view the images from your session within a week of your session. This turnaround time is also the same for weddings and other shoots unless otherwise stated. These images will be retouched and send to you via a private online gallery. The gallery is only visible to the client and I or anyone the client wishes to share the link with. This private gallery makes sharing images to social media easy as well. Prints and other products can be purchased via the online gallery. Clients are also free to download these images and make their own prints as well.