New Personal Work with Model Dakota in Loomis, Michigan

This spring I’m planning on shooting a lot of personal work. I have several shoots and consultations planned with both new models and models I’ve worked with multiple times. I especially want to shoot more in less photographed towns. I find myself frequenting many of the same locations a lot. This spring I’m challenging myself to get good photos in less attractive locations.

For this shoot I had an old friend Dakota model for me on the Rail Trail in Loomis, Michigan. A lot of times as photographers we can get caught up in the technical stuff and make things overly complex. Even though I had my vehicle crammed with all my gear including multiple lenses, several lights, and plethora of modifiers, I decided to shoot everything with one lens and natural light.

This first handful of images were shot just under the bridge near the Loomis Rail Trail entrance. We were able to get a variety of looks by shifting just a few feet. Lighting is a game of inches. Next we walked the Rail Trail towards Clare to get more backlit headshots. The final image was shot on the Rail Trail behind the Medilodge in Clare.

Huge thanks to Dakota for modeling.

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