New Personal Work with Model Kristina at The Tridge in Midland, Michigan

I had a great time photographing model Kristina at The Tridge in Midland, Michigan last week. Kristina is a fellow photographer and distant cousin of mine. Her boyfriend Jeremy also tagged along and was super helpful with making sure my flash won’t fall over despite the high winds.

The first image was shot using my Alienbee with a white shoot thru umbrella. The high winds made this shot difficult to get but with Jeremy’s help we were able to stabilize the light and get the image.

The next images were shot on the Tridge itself once there were less people walking. For some of these images I had Jeremy hold a Yongnuo flash as a subtle fill light and for others I used natural light.

Next we did a shot in the same location as the first image but this time with hard light from the bare bulb Yongnuo instead of the soft umbrellaed Alienbee.

Lastly we headed to downtown Midland and did some images in front of the court house. These images were shot with natural light.

Huge thanks to Kristina for modeling and Jeremy for assisting.

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