New Personal Work with Model Sheridan

I had a great time photographing Sheridan earlier this week at the 515 Gallery in downtown Clare, Michigan.

In the first three studio images (shown above and below) I used a variety of black and white foamcore to shape the lighting on Sheridan’s face. In the first image I used white foamcore to bounce light back on Sheridan’s face. I used black foamcore to block the light from hitting Sheridan’s face in the two images below. The top image was shot with a white shoot thru umbrella and the two bottom images where shot with a the bare strobe and a speedlight for fill.

I used a Lensbaby to create the selective focus effect in the below image.

The last two images were lit with the nature light from the street lambs outside the 515 Gallery. I turned off all the lights within the gallery and let the light from the street lambs shine thru the galleries large windows.

Huge thanks to Kim Kleindhardt owner of the 515 Gallery for letting me use the building for the shoot and to Cassi Gross for doing Sheridan’s hair and makeup.


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