How I Guarantee You’ll Have Copies Of Your Images For Years To Come

Here at Ryan Watkins Photography I go to extra lengths to make sure you will have copies of your images for years to come. How do I go about this? First of all I always shoot with two cards in my camera. As soon as I take an image a copy is made on a second card within my camera. If a card fails I already have a backup. After the wedding or session I transfer the images onto an external hard drive. Then I backup that drive to another identical external hard drive. The identical drive is kept in a locked fire and waterproof case. Once the retouching is finished I upload the images to a private online gallery. Any image sent to a client never gets deleted from the hard drive nor the private gallery. Once the wedding or session is finished there will be three copies of the finished images on two hard drives and one online copy. This process ensures that no matter what happens I have a copy of your images for years to come.

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