How To Be A Good Photography Client

Over the last ten years of doing photography I’ve gotten to work with a variety of clients. One way to guarantee a good experience with your photographer is to be a good client. Here are a handful of qualities that make a great photography client.

Showing up on time is always a plus. When planning a shoot during a pre-session consultation your photographer will know when the lighting will be best. Showing up thirty minutes, forty five minutes, or an hour late can result in completely different lighting conditions making the final images look entirely different than what was planned.

Be honest up front. If you don’t like a photo tell them during the shoot. If there is another photo you want tell them during the shoot. Even better discuss this before hand during the pre-session consultation. It ends up being a huge waste of both the client and photographers time to do reshoots.

Pay them! Yes this seems obvious but it happens. I had a few clients last year who didn’t see the need to pay. Please pay your photographers. They need to eat to. Also don’t ask them to do everything for free.  

Share their photos on social media. A ton of clients of mine come from people seeing the images I’ve taken on their friends Facebook and Instagram feeds. Helping your photographer get more work is a great way to show how much you enjoyed your session.

Leave positive reviews on social media. As someone who gets a lot of clients from out of state reviews are incredibly important. If you had a positive experience let others know about it.

Follow their newsletters and social media accounts. This is a great way to stay informed with what they are up to and help support their business.

Give referrals. Have a friend who wants a portrait or wedding photographed? Let them know about me. Unless your friend is annoying in which please send them to my competition.

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