More Than A Photo. An Experience.

When you hire a photographer you are getting more than a photo. You are getting an experience.

The way your photographer helps you plan, interacts with you and your family, and helps make sure everything goes right on your wedding day are just as important as the final images themselves.

Ultimately your wedding day is about you. Your family. Your friends. Not the photographer. The photographer and other vendors are there to make sure everything goes as planned on your big day.

When I sit down with potential wedding clients the most important thing I ask them is what is most important for them on their wedding day. This gives me direction for how I will shoot the wedding. For some it is all about their families coming together. For others who come from broken families they wanted a big emphasis on photos of their friends. Others have wanted a big emphasis on DIY details or places that were sentimental to them. Instead of shooting what I want for my portfolio or think will win be accolates by other photographers I focus on what my clients want. This is what ultimately matters.

During the wedding I always try to help out anyway I can. I have helped the guys getting ready fold their pocket squares, tie ties, and helped the florists get the boutonnieres to the right location. During the ceremony I want to be as inconspicuous as possible. I never want to get in-between the viewers and the bride and groom. I try to memorize as many names before hand so the group shots go smoothly. Before I leave the reception I also check to make sure there aren’t any other photos the bride and groom wants. Usually I end up staying a little over my contractual eight hours to make sure the clients get everything they want.

Your photographer is there to make your day go as best it can and get beautiful photos you will cherish along the way. The wedding day isn’t about them. They aren’t the star of the show. You are.

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