Why I Switched to White House Custom Color

Since moving back to Michigan in 2013 after graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography I’ve experiment with offering a wide variety of prints and products from various labs. I had been using primarily one lab but as time went on I continued to have more and more problems with their ordering software. It eventually got to the point where I could only order some of their products. At that point I started trying other print labs. I used several which had decent turn around time and good print quality, but White House Custom Color ended up being a cut above all of the aforementioned labs. The print quality and turn around time were great and consistent. When dealing with there customer service when I had some issues ordering they were always polite and solved my issues promptly. They also offer beautiful custom packaging and different print options than my formal primary lab. They support a ton of great charities including Flashes of Hope and Help Portrait which I have been part of in the past. I would highly recommend White House Custom Color to fellow professional photographers. 



Photographer/Retoucher at Ryan Watkins Photography
Portrait and Wedding Photographer catering to Clare, Mt Pleasant, and Midland, Michigan. Ready to travel anywhere in the state.

Graduate from the Hallmark Institute of Photography and recipient the Highest Academic Honor.

Published in several magazines including Shutterbug, Digital Photo, Outdoor Photographer, and PDNedu.

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