Why I Switched to White House Custom Color

Since moving back to Michigan in 2013 after graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography I’ve experiment with offering a wide variety of prints and products from various labs. I had been using primarily one lab but as time went on I continued to have more and more problems with their ordering software. It eventually got to the point where I could only order some of their products. At that point I started trying other print labs. I used several which had decent turn around time and good print quality, but White House Custom Color ended up being a cut above all of the aforementioned labs. The print quality and turn around time were great and consistent. When dealing with there customer service when I had some issues ordering they were always polite and solved my issues promptly. They also offer beautiful custom packaging and different print options than my formal primary lab. They support a ton of great charities including Flashes of Hope and Help Portrait which I have been part of in the past. I would highly recommend White House Custom Color to fellow professional photographers. 

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