You learn a lot via life experiences as an entrepreneur. One of the lessons I learnt in 2018 was work life balance.

The first couple years after graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography I was a very low volume but high price business. I didn’t have a lot of clients but when I did I could live off of the income from the shoot for some time. In 2017 I changed up my pricing and structure. I shifted to more of a mid volume and mid price range model.

In 2018 work picked up significantly. Partly due to the changes made to my business and partly due to the increase in networking I was doing. In early 2018 I was eating right, exercising regularly, and still had time for the other things I enjoyed in life, like hanging out with old friends and reading. As my busy season approached eating right and exercising started to fall by the wayside. As fall came around I was both shooting and networking more than ever. At least once a week I was staying up for over a day straight. I was tired, stressed, and didn’t have time for the things which really mattered in life.

In November I decided to make a change. I left some of the networking groups I was in. I even contemplated changing careers but ultimately decided against it. Instead of taking every opportunity that comes my way without thought, I think over whether it is worth it or not. In 2018 I learned that there is more to life than work.

In 2019 I’ve made a point of having a much better work life balance. At times I’ve went to the opposite end of the spectrum and gotten lazy. After reading Peter Drucker’s classic The Effective Executive I’ve seen how much of my time I was wasting. I was being busy instead of productive. By being more efficient I’ve been able to make more time for things I enjoy outside of work and personal development, like hanging out with friends, reading, and binge watching dumb sitcoms on hulu. I’ve gotten on the Slow Carb diet that I heard about on the Tim Ferriss Show and have lost 13 pounds between January and March. I’ve also read over 30 books by the end of April. I’ve booked over ten weddings so far in 2019, reaching my personal goal for the year.

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