How I Am Able To Read So Much

As a kid I never liked reading. It felt like a chore. My reading comprehension was pretty poor to. In 2014 all that changed. Primarily when I started studying reformed theology. I grew to love reading. A wide variety of subjects as well. In 2018 I ended up reading seventy six books. Here are some tips on how I am able to read so much.

First of all read How To Read A Book by Mortimer J Adler. If I had read this in middle school I guarantee my reading comprehension would have been better. I would have enjoyed reading way more to.

Second of all I read books in different formats depending on the genre. Audiobooks are preferable for fiction. Real tangible books are great for business and personal development books. Non fiction books, where I’ll be taking lots of notes, work well in ebook format. I can easily copy and paste text from the ebook into Evernote.

I find myself reading primarily ebooks. This is because of the price. I rarely spend full price for anything. I make a list of books I want on amazon and check daily to see if they are on sale. I primarily read books on my iPhone. I can enable a text to speech option to turn any of these books into audiobooks as well. This makes it much easier to get thru books quickly. As mentioned prior, this makes note taking easy. I have notebooks in Evernote full of books I’ve read in the past so I can easily review my notes.

When it comes to purchasing books I usually buy them from Amazon, in Kindle format when they are on sale. I have also had good luck finding cheap books on thriftbooks, ebay, and local goodwill stores. Many free books can be found in the public domain. These can be accessed free at Gutenberg or other more niche sites like Monergism. Free public domain audiobook versions can be found on Librivox. Quality varies. For higher quality versions of ebooks in the public domain many can be found for only a few dollars on Amazon. The formatting of these books is usually far superior to that of the free Gutenberg ones.

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