Christmas Gifts for Professional Photographers


With the Holidays coming up I’ve already seen a ton of articles about the best gear and gifts for photographers for this Christmas. Buying something useful for a professional photographer for Christmas can usually be tricky especially if you don’t know much about the industry. Instead of wasting your money on some gadget they’ll never use try one of these options this year for the professional photographer on your list. Keep in mind these are geared towards professional photographers and not amateurs.

Gaffer’s Tape

There is probably a million different ways pro photographers use this stuff! Gaffer’s tape is a strong yet safe to stick to gear. Most photographers preferable color is black.

Apple Boxes

You can never have to many apple boxes! These can be used as a stool to pose clients, elevate Plexiglas in the studio, and a hundred or so other things.


Us professional photographers use foam core to create white and black cards that we use to bounce and subtract light from our subjects. Stick with white and black. This is best for studio photographers.

Gift Cards

Lastly gift cards to camera stores like B&H or Adorama are always a good gift choice. Also gift cards to print labs like Miller’s Professional Imaging, Nations Photo Lab, or Woodsnap can also be very beneficial. Nonchalantly asking which camera store or print lab they prefer before ordering is a good idea.

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