How I Got the Shot(s): Taking it to the Street

Very little of what I shoot could be considered street photography, but I have a very high view of those who can do this style of photography well. One of the reasons I don’t shoot more street photography is due to my location. A key part of shooting street photography is being nonchalant and blending in to your surroundings. Since I live in a rural part of Michigan it is difficult to blend into your surroundings with a camera on the street when you and the other person you are photographing are the only ones on the aforementioned street. Larger cities usually suit themselves better for street photography since the photographer can blend into the crowd easier.


The above image was shot in Ann Arbor, Michigan during an engagement session. This image is not posed, nor is it even of one of my clients. While I was setting up a light and getting into position I saw this person about to jump from the bridge he was at into the water below. I decided to grab a shot of him in mid air before returning to photographing my clients. I ended up loving the resulting image and it is one of the few images of mine which could be considered street photography. One thing that I especially love about photographer Dan Winter’s street photography is that it stylistically still matches his other non-street work. This image still encapsulates that clean, simple, elegant, timeless style of mine even though it is a genre of photography I seldom do.  

Photographed using a Nikon D600 with a Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 Lens. ISO 100 80mm f/11 1/125mm of a second shutter speed.


As I had mentioned in the first paragraph one of the reasons I don’t shoot more street photography is because of my location. In small towns it’s hard to blend in and get good photographs on the street. The exception to this is when these small towns have festivals. I make a point each year of shooting the Clare Irish Festival. The normal non cluttered streets of Clare are filled with festivities and interesting people to photograph and to “blend into.” My favorite (so far) from a Clare Irish Festival was shot in 2017 during the parade. Usually the spectators at the parade are more interesting than the parade itself. When I shoot these events I usually prefer a long lens so I can grab images from a distance without being noticed. This image was captured as a buss (which was in the parade) drove by. The little girl was decked out in Irish garb and the bus’s window worked perfectly to frame her. As with the swimmer jumping, the reason I like this image is it fits the adjectives which describe my other work as well: clean, simple, elegant, and timeless.

Photographed using a Nikon D600 with a Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 Lens. ISO 800 135mm f/4 1/1000 of a second shutter speed.

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