How I Got The Shots: Bridal Party Lightsaber Battle

When I tell people I am a wedding photographer, I usually get asked what crazy wedding stories I have. Luckily, I have had a lot of great clients and don’t have to many horror stories. One of the best weddings I have went to was way back in 2012 in Mt Pleasant.

I had just graduated high school. I still didn’t have my drivers license and hated driving back then. I had a friend and assistant Brandon drive me to Mt Pleasant for the wedding. It started with a reverent ceremony at a Catholic church in Mt Pleasant. Then we went to one of the couple’s parent’s homes outside Mt Pleasant. We did some conventional group shots. Then the groom came over to me and said “just document what is about to happen.” The bride and groom and rest of the bridal party all wiped out toy lightsabers. The bridal party started attacking the bride and groom with there lightsabers. I ran around with my wide angle lens as the battle continued. It was super fun! Next we headed to the reception near CMU where the bride and groom walked in to the imperial march with the lightsabers held over their heads by the bridal party. Each table was named after locations in various fantasy and sci fi fandoms. My assistant and I were seated at the Shire. It was the nerdiest thing ever and it was awesome. Hands down one of the best weddings I’ve been to.

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