Productivity Hacks: Todoist, Evernote, and a Calendar

Ever since reading the E-Myth Revisited back in late 2016, I’ve been all about trying to be more efficient and productive in my business. I primarily go about this by setting up internal systems for how I go about doing things. In late 2016 my method for organizing my schedule, tasks, and notes was disheveled and disorderly at best. In early 2017 I ended up reading the book Do More Better by Tim Challies. The book dealt with how to be more productive. The first part of the book deals with why productivity is important from a Christian theological perspective and the later part deals with how to practically be productive. Since reading his book I have been using this system ever since.

First for my daily tasks I use Todoist. This is an app and a website. I use this for keeping track of all of the things I need to get done that day. I have the tasks split into different categories like personal, business, and off season to do list. Examples of tasks include Contact Client Name, Prep for Shoot, Write Blog Post, Buy Groceries, etc.

Next I started using Evernote for all of my note taking purposes. Evernote is an app and website. I use this for everything from notes from books I’m reading, notes from client consultations, business ideas, and saving articles I’ve read. I organize the notes into various Notebooks for business, personal, etc. Notebook examples include Business Brainstorming, Business Client, and Personal Book Notes.

Lastly I use Apple Calendar to keep track of when I have shoots, consultations, and other personal things going on. Being self employed I have a very fickle schedule and being able to update and check my calendar quickly is a must. I’ll put the time and location of the appointment I’m going to in the Calendar but keep any notes pertaining to the appointment in Evernote and tasks I must complete prior to the event in ToDoist. By using this system I can easily keep track of my tasks, notes, and calendar.

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