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Recommended Gear
Recommended Gear from Ryan Watkins Photography



The following is a list of gear I use and recommend.

By using the links provided I receive a percentage of the sale of the gear sold through amazon.

* indicates gear no longer in production but may be found in the B&H used department or on keh.com

** indicates gear that can not be purchased from amazon but will have a link to where it can be purchased elsewhere



Primary – Nikon D600 *

Backup – Nikon D200 *

For Personal Work and Location Scouting – iPhone 5s and iPhone 8 *


Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 Lens

Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 Lens *

Nikon 18-35mm f.3.5-4.5 Lens *

Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Lens



Alienbee B1600 Strobe ** available here 

Paul C Buff Vagabond Mini ** available here

Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II (x3)

Yongnuo 506N Flash Triggers (use as receiver)

Yongnuo 506N-II Flash Triggers (use as transmitter and receiver with both Yongnuo and Alienbee)

Nikon AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter Hot Shoe To PC (use as backup with sync cord for Alienbee)

LumoPro LP633 Compact Umbrella Swivel with Variable Cold Shoe (x3)

Fstoppers Flash Disc

Westcott Pocketbox 8×12

Godox 32″/ 80cm Umbrella Octagon Softbox

Phototek Softlighter

Westcott X Drop System

Fovitec StudioPRO 7’6″ Classic Light Stand Kit (x2)

Rosco The Strobist Collection, Strobist 55 Piece Cinegel Filter Kit

Black and White Foam-core

Various Sized Shoot Thru Umbrellas Ranging from 7 foot to very small portable sizes


Feisol Carbon Fiber CT-3371 Tripod

Kirk B3 Ball Head

Kirk L Bracket for Nikon D600 *

Manfrotto Super Clamp

Shurtape 672 Gaffers Tape ** available here

Color Checker Passport

Rode Video Mic Pro


Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan including both Lightroom and Photoshop ** available here 

Nik Collections ** available for free from Google

Rental Studios



Last here is a helpful article about purchasing gear on a budget

4 Ways to Save Money on New Photography Gear

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