Selfie Tips for Seniors


For the last couple years selfies have been all the rage and seem to be growing in popularity. Here are a few tips for upping your selfie game. 

Pay attention to lighting. Phone cameras still have a hard time in low light so being in darker rooms can cause your image to be blurry or graining.Your phone will also have a harder time focusing. Standing next to a window should result in great lighting for your selfie. Bright sunlight outside at midday is very unflattering for portraits so stepping into the shade with greatly improve your selfie.

Holding your phone slightly above your face will result in a more flattering selfie. This creates more separation between your neck and chin minimizing double chin and making you look slimmer. Shooting a selfie at a low angle will emphasize a double chin and you end up seeing up your nostrils which no one wants to see. 

Also keep in mind that most phone cameras have a relatively wide lens and whatever is closed to the camera will appear largest. Conversely whatever is farther away from the camera will look smaller. Keep this in mind when you are posing. 

Avoid derpy expressions. They may seem funny now but in a few years they will look embarrassing. A nice smile or slightly parting the lips for a serious look will be far more timeless and flattering. 

Using your phone’s back camera will make it easier to focus and see how your image will look. The trade off is selfies shot with the back camera are usually lower quality though. 

Also consider the background of your image. Bathrooms are less than desirable as well as any other busy distracting background. The less distracting background the better.

Also remember to back up your photos to a computer, external hard drive, or cloud storage. All phones will die eventually so it is important to keep multiple backups of your images. 

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