How Your Kids can look their Best for School Pictures


Most of us have photos from our past that look horrible. Most of them being images from school picture day. Here is some practical advice to avoid your kids from future embarrassment. 

Have them get a good night’s rest. Nobody looks good when they are sleepy. Make sure they get a good breakfast and good night’s sleep the night before. 

Choose clothing for them wisely. Some of the most embarrassing photos I’ve seen of people are embarrassing because of the dated clothing. Pick out clothing for your kids which is timeless and not trendy. This same advice goes for hair styles. Also make sure that the clothing stays clean and fits well. 

Comb their hair. Some of my worst school pictures are the ones where my hair is doing something crazy. Make sure their hair is combed. 

Focus on expression. Big cheesy smiles look almost as bad as a disgruntled grimace. A genuine smile or a slight parting of the lips with a serious expression can both look great. 

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