Location Recommendations: Downtown Grand Rapids


This is the eighth of a series of blog posts showcasing the various locations I recommend for portrait sessions around Michigan.

I love doing portrait sessions in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so much so I was even considering moving there for a time. Downtown Grand Rapids specifically has tons of beautiful locations for portraiture all within a reasonable walking distance. 

I recommend parking at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Library and Museum at 303 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. From here most locations in downtown Grand Rapids can be easily reached by walking and you don’t have to worry about figuring out which of the similarly marked parking garages you are located in. 

I recommend starting sessions at 6pm and shooting for about two hours if the session is during the summer or fall. This gives us plenty of time to shoot around down town in the evening, sunset, and early night. 

Below are some of my favorite images taken in and around Grand Rapids over the years.

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