Overcoming Wedding Day Obstacles: Bad Weather

I’m a strong believer in lifelong learning. Especially with photography you learn a lot by doing. Graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2013 wasn’t the end of my photographic education, but just the beginning.

With wedding photography especially you learn a lot by the problems that arise on the wedding day. During the first wedding I did with my new second shooter, Nikki, we had beautiful weather during the rehearsal. The sun was out. The location looked gorgeous. During the wedding itself the weather changed to the complete opposite. The rain was horrible. From scouting the location the day before it was easy to move the group shots and first look inside and still get great shots. This shows how important the prep work is when going into a wedding. I have all my clients fill out a wedding worksheet with the details of the day. I also go to the rehearsal for all of the weddings I shoot. This gives me a good understanding of the location I’ll be shooting as well as the flow for the day. Do to this prep work, we still got great shots during the day despite the weather.

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