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Meet My Second Shooter Nikki Robinson

I’m happy to announce that Nikki Robinson will now be second shooting weddings with me! She will also be available to help on portrait and commercial shoots which require and bigger production. Her bio is a as follows.

“I grew up near Clare, Michigan and went to Clare High School where I met Ryan. After high school I decided to take my interest in photography more seriously, so I started doing freelance assisting and second shooting for Ryan Watkins Photography. On shoots requiring a bigger production Ryan will hire me as his first assistant. Also Ryan will have me second shoot weddings with him as well. While Ryan gets the main images I will shoot candids from different angles giving wedding clients even more coverage during their wedding day. I also help Ryan getting lighting and group shots set up on the wedding day as well. When I’m not assisting Ryan I enjoy shooting my own nature photography.”

Nikki’s website can be found here. Her Instagram can be found here.

To have Nikki help second shoot your wedding it is a $250 charge in addition to the standard $1000 creation fee. 



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